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RTX 3080 MSI Gaming X Trio LOW RESULT in 3D GraphicsMark ??

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  • RTX 3080 MSI Gaming X Trio LOW RESULT in 3D GraphicsMark ??

    Hi, the average score for the RTX 3080 is 24032 and I'm very far from this result....

    I don't understand, even the RTX 2060 results are faster than me ?

    Please help, was going to buy the program but are the results reliable trial vs retail ?

    Thank you for any input.

    Dx9 test score is allways the same and seem stuck to matter the resolution.

    CPU 9900K
    Monitor ASUS ROG PG279 144hz GSYNCH
    Video Card MSI Gaming X TRIO RTX 3080 and Intel UHD 630 (integrated in the CPU, can't disable it)
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    Are your CPU results normal?
    Did you check the system temperatures?
    What PCIe slot do you have the video card in?
    Are you running 64bit Win10?


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      Problem solved.

      My motherboard is an ASUS ROG STRIX Z-390-E Gaming

      Video Card is install in slot one

      Hyper M2 X16 card configuration was enable and I disable it.

      It seem with this option enable, PCIe is set to x8
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        Glad you sorted it out.