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  • Pt 10 ui

    Is there a way to have similar UI seen in the 8 version. I absolutely hate the new design introduced in the 9 and up. For this reason alone, I refuse to upgrade. Thanks.

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    Yes, you can continue to V8.

    But the V10 UI is really a superset of the V8 UI. With a couple of small exceptions you can do the same things in V10 as V8 (plus a whole lot more in V10).


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      I realize that, but it's easier on the eyes to compare 10-20 entries in the 8 version. You need to make quite a few more mouse clicks to compare all the CPU results (I just checked the latest 10 build), whereas in the 8 everything is seen straightaway without any additional effort. I realize, that other than that, 10 is better and has more features underneath. I just can't get accustomed ot it UI, that's it.


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        In V8 you need to scroll and also click a bit (as the tabs / page gets super long when comparing 20 machines).
        in V10 you need to click instead of scrolling. So yes, some more clicking. But less scrolling. But we wanted to support the extra graphing options and the current UI seems cleaner.


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          Thanks for replying. In 10, I need to click each and every CPU individual test to see the comparison and I don't want to do that every time. In 8, I can have everything on one page. Please check the enclosed files.
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            In your V10 screen shot you are comparing 9 machines against each other.
            In V8 you are only comparing 2 machines. So of course it takes up less screen space. If you compared 9 machines it would be pretty similar screen shots.
            But yes there would be more clicking, but less scrolling, to see all results from all tests.


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              Yeah, I was too lazy to remove the default baselines in 10, I was meant to compare only 2 entries. But you get the point, it's not possible have all CPU results compared on one page without extra clicking. This is what prevents me from upgrading to the latest version.