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Strange variation in passmark rating.

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  • Strange variation in passmark rating.

    Some test results I have submitted where my test scores are much higher have total passmark ratings that are much lower. In the 2 screenshots below you can see the big difference.
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Name:	2021-05-03 (3).png
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    10,286 Passmark rating with a cpu mark of 43,843, 2d graphics 1,218, 3d graphics 32,920, Ram 3,995 Disk 37,736
    Click image for larger version

Name:	2021-05-03 (4).png
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    This score is much higher 10,434 yet the CPU mark is 633 points lower, 2d graphics is 70 points higher, 3dmark is 3,450 lower, Ram is 23 points lower and disk is 1,400 lower.

    Is there an explanation for why this happens? With such a difference in the other categories the 70 point difference in 2dmark shouldn't explain it.
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    See below for how we calculate the score:

    Percentage-wise your CPU, memory and disk score only see a loss of 1-3%, whereas your 2D score went up almost 6% and since it was not very high to begin with, the overall score goes up a fair amount. Your 3D score is quite high already so even the big decrease does not impact the score very much. The formula favours a more balanced machine so if one component, like the GPU, were to score really high, the score should not change drastically until the rest of the numbers increase as well.