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Benchmark indicate that my gpu preforming significantly below average.

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  • Simon (PassMark)
    I believe that the difference is not very big - could be a difference in drivers, processes running in the background, etc. affecting the results.

    Could also be that the default OC for that card is set lower compared to 3070s from other brands.

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  • Benchmark indicate that my gpu preforming significantly below average.

    Just fully upgraded my pc where the most costly upgrade was gpu. Comming from palit 2080 jet stream to palit 3070 jet stream. I instantly ran benchmark tests on my new pc, and to my dissapointment saw that my new videocard is preformance is 5% worse then average 3070 benchmark.

    Now iv'e seen the 3yo post witch explained that it might be not a big deal since it might be only 1% difference, but the other benchmark i ran gave me a real value that i could compare to world average, and the difference was about 5% witch seems significant.

    My 3d graphics mark tests was 20820 where average for 3070 is 21874 (thats where I get 5% difference). Its worth noticing that the main gaps in score i get are from DirectX 11 and DirectX 12 tests, and the other tests tend to preform on average level or even outpreform average.

    Maximum temperature on benchmarks did not exceed 69C

    Freesync on my monitor was off for benchmarks.

    CPU: AMD X8 R7-3700X
    GPU: Palit 3070 JetStream
    RAM: DDR4 16Gb 2666MHz
    PSU: Coguar 750W GEX750 80 Plus Gold

    My questison is this: Is something wrong with my gpu, should i consider exchanging it for another 3070 or maybe i need an OC. May the problem be in DirectX software or brand(palit) hardware? Is 5% a big difference for same chips or should i not worry at all.
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