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How can this be the fastest desktop?

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  • How can this be the fastest desktop?

    I've noticed that my system's benchmark score can be temporarily higher if I leave out individual tests.

    When looking at the top 20 Desktops I noticed that the current fastest desktop has a benchmark of 0 simple vectors/second in the 2D tests (see screenshot below). This implies that this computer's score was probably lower with that benchmark included, so the user did not upload the result with that benchmark.

    Similarly, the #2 system has a missing benchmark (Direct 2D - SVG)

    So, to have a fair comparison between all computers, shouldn't it be a requirement that all benchmarks be completed?

    Click image for larger version

Name:	ZeroSimpleVectorsPerSecond.jpg
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    Some of the 2D tests need video card hardware acceleration (and DirectX) to run. Some of the tests only run in Win10 and not Win7 (as Win10 includes a PDF render in the operating system). So virtual machines, servers, remote desktop, Win7 machines and similar setups might not be able to run all the tests. So we didn't want to make them all mandatory.

    But it should be possible to run the simple vectors test on nearly any machine. So that test should probably be mandatory.