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  • Bad Performance :( (mine) (baseline)

    I dunno. I am building my first computer and my scores are horrendous compared to another one uploaded. I've really only installed windows and steam and my scores went from 2900 (still disappointing) to 1900. I've read the slow performance article but nothing seems to be kicking it into high gear. The main thing is that my 4 ghz is running at 2.5. I'm pretty demoralized and frustrated right now. Maybe I should have just bought a computer...
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    Yes, read this article first.
    Causes and Solutions for a slow PC

    It solves maybe 90% of CPU performance issues.

    As the CPU appears to be under-clocked and this is a home built machine, the obvious first things to check are the CPU temperatures and the heatsink contacts. Then check the BIOS settings for the CPU clocking.


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      My cpu temp is 95 (c). I dunno why I assume that's way to high. I will reset the heatsink.


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        okay thanks for your help. The heatsink was not fully in contact with the processor. I made sure it was secure and viola temps are at 45 (c) and my score bumped up to 5246. So I assume it was slow either cause a) my computer was protecting itself or b) was so hot it couldnt run as fast as it should.


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          Yes 95C is way too high.
          The CPU throttles itself down (lucky for you) to prevent it destroying itself.