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Notebook with Switchable Graphics lists wrong GPU

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  • Notebook with Switchable Graphics lists wrong GPU

    Hi everybody,

    I have a notebook with embedded "Intel HD 4000" graphics AND "AMD Radeon HD 8800M". I can set preferences for certain applications to either use "high" or "low" power graphics as well as a default for either battery or mains.

    To get reasonable results I set the default to "high" and the graphic (3D) results correspond to the values expected for a "AMD Radeon HD 8800M" - which is listed as "AMD Radeon R9 M270X" since the last driver update (about 1400).

    However the results are branded as "Intel HD 4000", which is complete nonsense. I cross checked by disabling the Radeon chip forcing the notebook to the Intel graphic and this time I get the much lower results expected for the Intel chip (about 460).

    I guess the program does not get the fact that it really runs on the AMD chip and simply picks "the main" graphic card.

    It would not make sense to submit these results, as they would probably only boost the HD 4000 statistics.

    The "main" register shows both graphic cards but there are no details on the Radeon. The Intel is shown with all details.

    There also seems no way to specifically select one or the other for the test.

    I guess that's how life goes? Or is there any possibility to get the numbers straight?

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    We made some changes for video card detection in the last few months. It is actually harder than it sounds to work out what card is being used.

    What release of PerformanceTest are you using?


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      I used the newest version that I did download yesterday: V8.0.1043

      It is not a real problem since I do know what hardware I have and I could check that all runs well within specs but it probably is no good idea to share the measures to the database.
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        Could you please try starting PerformanceTest in debug mode, run the 3D tests and then send us a copy of the logs created.