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UHD 770 DirectX 10 Issue

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  • UHD 770 DirectX 10 Issue

    Cannot complete 3D benchmark with I9 12900k on the DirectX10 benchmark. Anyone else having this issue?

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    When you say that you cannot complete the test, is it due to PerformanceTest crashing or some error message?

    What version of the Intel graphics driver are you using?

    We had a report with the DirectX 10 benchmark crashing when using a beta driver. If you are using the beta driver, can you try downgrading to an older driver version?


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      So the behavior is really weird, the program starts but it "hiccups" and freezes, I've also noticed artifacts while it freezes. Using intel driver


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        We couldn't find that driver version on the Intel web site.

        For reasons we don't understand Intel has two suggested drivers for Win10/11 for UHD 770 graphics

        Version, here

        and version,

        Both claim to be the latest driver, which of course makes no sense. But we didn't find the version you are using.

        So can you try updating to the "latest" driver and see if that helps.

        We are sure that versions and work.

        The status of isn't so clear.


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          Version, works


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            Intel has confirmed this is a bug in their latest video card device driver.
            Will need to use version until a fix is available.


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              Intel have just released an update (, nothing specifically mentioning DX10, DX11 or OpenCL in the release notes however but we have had reports that this updates fixes the issues seen in PerformanceTest.
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