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Problem running Performance Test from USB drive

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  • Problem running Performance Test from USB drive

    I have recently run into an issue with Performance Test 8.0 running from a USB Flash Drive. When I run the full system benchmark, the Disk Mark test runs against the USB Flash Drive and not the internal SSD Drive. This has happened on a Dell Latitude E7350 and a Lenovo Helix.

    I've also tried to run the Disk Mark test only and I get the same results.

    Has anyone else seen this? Or have any suggestions on how to fix?

    Running Performance Test 8.0 (Build 1042) (64-bit)

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    You can select the drive to run the disk test on from the Edit / Preferences window.


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      Thanks for a reply David. I have tried both "User AppData directory [C:...]" and "C: OS [Local Drive]. Both of these return results for the USB Flash drive.


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        Are you just running PerfomanceTest from the USB flash drive (and booting from the SSD)?
        Are you both booting from the flash drive and running PerfomanceTest from the flash drive.?


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          I am booting from the SSD drive and running PerfTest from the USB Flash Drive.


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            Are you sure you aren't confused then.
            Drive C: should be the SSD boot drive. What makes you think the disk results you see are from the flash drive?


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              I absolutely could be confused

              The reason that I think the results are for the Flash Drive is because when I click on the Summary or even the Disk Mark tab, after the tests have ran. It show: Latitude E7350 3rd Test - Patriot Memory USB Device (32GB).

              The other tests that I think were working properly, showed the SSD drive under the Disk Mark results.

              But like you said, I could be completely off base here.


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                We've tested this out today and as yet haven't reproduced any behavior like this.

                Could you please launch PerformanceTest in debug mode (described here) on one of the systems that displays the issue, run the disk tests, save the baseline and then email us a copy of the baseline file and the debug logs.