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    I understand that i should look at the results of other peoples results to be able to tell how good my computer is. But i haven't got a clue on where to find these results. I have Performance Test V5. Could someone please tell me where they are?

    I have a P4 2.8Ghz HT, 1GB DDR Ram, Geforce 4200 Ti, Abit Max7-IC3 Motherboard, 2x 120GB Diamond 9 Maxtor Hard-drive, 160GB Seagate.

    These are the results


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    I also had a DVD in when it started the CD test.

    I want to improve my system but i am unsure on what i need to upgrade first. Unfortunately i don't have enough money to splash out on loads of new parts so i am trying to do it one part at a time (when i have the cash)


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      People who have purchased the PerformanceTest software can download V6 baseline files from our database of more than 3000 benchmark results and easily compare their machine to other machines.

      There are also some initial baseline results included with the software itself. (under the baseline menu option).

      On the same web page above, there are 3851 baseline files available for download for the old V5 version of the software.


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        Your disk seems slow. Maybe it just needs a defag. Or maybe you are not running it is its optimal mode. (for which the correct motherboard device drivers might be required).



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          The preformance test came with norton system works i bought.

          I found where i could find the baselines for version 5 in the end.