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Where do I find my "G3D Mark" in the test results?

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  • Where do I find my "G3D Mark" in the test results?

    Hi there,

    I just bought a new 6650 XT card and I suspect it's heavily underperforming. I have usually been able to get high scores (for my particular system and components) on the userbenchmark website, but my new 6650 XT is getting the same score as my 1070 ti did there. And it is scoring worse on the Heaven benchmark.

    I am trying to compare the results of my 3D Mark score (9,500 or so) to the average "G3D Mark" I am finding on websites, which is around 16,300. But I cannot find my personal "G3D Mark".

    I've tried multiple clean re-installs of the AMD drivers, and I've updated the BIOS. I'm still running Windows 10 and an old z390 ASUS board w/ a overclocked 9700k. The new card does get better performance in VR than my old card for sure (app render times were about 3 milliseconds faster on the new card). The card also runs suspiciously cool (to me, at least) at 55-65 degrees, where my old 1070 ti would often get into the 80s when overclocked and running intense flight sim VR.

    Anyways, I'm really just trying to figure out how I can find out my "G3D Mark" score and compare it to others. Thanks for any help!

    Chris Morris
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    It is here, in the PerformanceTest benchmark software.

    Click image for larger version

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      Ah, so the "G3D Mark" score that they discuss on websites is the same as the "3D Mark". Thank you!


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        Yes, the wording isn't the best in the software.