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RTX 3070 Low Performance

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  • RTX 3070 Low Performance

    Hi Everyone!

    My RTX 3070 is performing so far away to the base line.

    Click image for larger version

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    I have a i510400F and a 16gb of Ram.

    Can anyone help me?​

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    144 is a common-ish monitor refresh rate.
    So maybe frame rates are limited to monitor refresh rates (can be adjusted in the video card device driver settings).

    Also check temps and cooling.

    Check what PCIe slot you are using.

    Check to see of the CPU is performing as expected.


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      David above gives good advice.
      Could you post the entire set of Passmark numbers please? That sometimes gives an inkling of contributory factors.

      I have a 3070 too, a VERY nice card. I have spent quite a lot of time tuning my system to give me decent scores, and I dial back some of these changes for 'normal running'.
      But the biggest contributor to the numbers is RAM, and setting memory to run at its optimum XMP setting.
      There are a bunch of other items that contribute to faster, or slower, passmark scores, and passmark is an excellent tool for tuning your system.

      I've just done a processor upgrade, but it's taken me a couple of weeks to re-visit my cpu cooling, my case cooling, my RAM and cpu settings, the clutter in Windows11, drivers etc etc.
      The result is that my RTX3070 is now reporting 28k in 3Dmark instead of the 25k on the older cpu (R5 3600, also a 6 core processor) - without ever touching the 3070.
      Setting my RAM to "default", knocks 2k off the figure for the 3070 (and trashes the Memory Mark numbers!).