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Windows7 abysmal 2D performance (passmark 10.2) Score: 16!!!

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  • Windows7 abysmal 2D performance (passmark 10.2) Score: 16!!!

    Hello Everyone,

    I've searched and found several topics about bad 2D performance on windows7 but most of the time it was like "I get the score of 900 instead of 1200".
    However in my case, my score is like 16 instead of probably +1000 given my specs.

    The PC in question is a Lenovo M900 with PCI 4x SSD, I7-6700 @ 3.4ghz, 16GB of ram. Intel HD Graphics 530. Fresh Win7 SP1x64 install with all updates in.
    I've also disabled all the checkbox in performance settings (remove all the windows effects, no aero of course), I run the classic theme.

    What is strange to me is that I've got a old laptop Lenovo X1 Carbon (Gen3) with a +6year old windows7 that performs much much better.

    PS: In the 2D test, it became very slow when image of the jaguar scalled up/down, the second time (slow to about 1fps).​ In real world use it's not so slow but definitively not the beast it should be. Especially in Adobe Illustrator CC 2019... Do not feel fast.

    Thank you for your advice. I read at some point there is a checkbox in the graphic card options to uncheck but I could not find the topic again.

    Click image for larger version

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    There is an explanation of the low windows 7 score available here, to paraphrase there were some tests added in that are unable to run correctly in Windows 7 and it wasn't possible to scale the low results meaningfully up to the expected values.

    Your score seems to match other similar systems running windows 7. Even when running the full suite of 2D tests available the Intel HD530 will generally score 200-300.


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      Hello Tim,

      Thank you for your reply, I understand the problem now.
      Do you mean the HD530 will produce 200-300 with windows10/11?
      I'll buy a standalone graphic card to see if any improvement on adobe CC suite.


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        Do you mean the HD530 will produce 200-300 with windows10/11?
        Yes, here is the graph of results for the HD 530;

        Click image for larger version

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          Also worth noting that the I7-6700 is now a 7 year old CPU. And 2D performance also depends somewhat on the CPU (not just GPU).
          So can't expect miracles.