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Low GPU Mark for GT 1030

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  • Low GPU Mark for GT 1030

    I have a GT 1030 and I saw that I have a low score compared to other same model gpus. Is this because i have the GDDR4 type or my motherboard or is my gpu just faulty.

    Intel I5-2400
    GT 1030
    18GB 1333hz DDR3 RAM
    Hewlett Packard 1497

    HP Compaq 6200 Pro SFF PC

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    Your 3D results are around half of what they should be. So yes something is wrong.

    As the tests actually ran without error is probably isn't a hardware failure (unless the cooling fan is dead). More likely a configuration or cooling issue.

    The CPU is a little weak compared to the GPU and also a bit slow compared to other i5-2400s. But this doesn't totally explain the 3D scores.

    See this page of common issues as a starting point


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      Could it be that my motherboard has a PCIe 2 16x slot and it's a PCIe 3 16x gpu?


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        The GPUz screenshot seems to suggest it's in an x4 slot so might be worth checking the PCIe slots available.


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          I don't think I have another slot to put it in. Should I buy I new motherboard that has a PCI Express 3.0 slot? I don't know why it says 4x. I ran a Render test and it is still the same.

 I believe I have a problem like this where Gen2 is limiting my GPU.


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            HP claims this motherboard has one x16 slot and two x1 slots (so at least 18 lanes in use).
            But it is based on the Q65 Intel Chipset and Intel claim Q65 only has x4 at max (and a total of 16 lanes).
            So who knows what HP did. Maybe it is x8 or maybe it is x4.

            But it is definitely PCIe 2.0. Which is sub-optimal.

            Q65 chipset is now 12 years old. But 1030 CPU is only around 5 years old. So there is a mis-match.

            If you buy a new motherboard, you will probably find you also need a new CPU to match the socket type. And new compatible RAM. Then likely you'll find HP power supply is inadequate. And front USB ports on case might not work. Then you might find case fans are inadequate. Which might mean a new case & PSU. In short you might be better off with a whole new machine.


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              Alright thank you, so the problem isn't the PCIe slot but rather the chipset? or both? I have a couple parts laying around so upgrading isn't difficult. Would a Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P BOM ATX AM3+ Motherboard be a good choice and be good enough to have expected performance for my gpu?


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                GA-970A-DS3P also seems to be a PCIe 2.0 board. So it probably isn't the bets choice (if you have a choice).