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  • Help very low laptop score

    Hi Guys,

    I need your help/advise, I have a compaq presario 2500 with P4 2.66 and 1gb memory of which 64 is shared for on board video RADEON igt 345m and 40gig HD.

    I have run the passmark performance test 20 times and cant get better han 158 score
    I have defraged hard disk (only 7 gig used) I have run registry mechanic and have a fresh copy of winxp pro with sp1 and sp2.
    This doesnt even come close to a p4 1gig.
    Whats going on????? any suggestions or recommended programs that can speed up my pc??
    any help would be appreciated.

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    I looked up the Compaq presario 2500 specifications. I think it was released in 2003 and had a budget Celeron CPU in it. The video cards (especially those sharing main RAM) and hard disks in laptops are also notoriously slow. They are made to save power, weight & cost.

    There also isn't much you can do to significantly speed up laptops. They aren't really made to be upgradable, like a desktop.

    Sorry to be the one with the bad news, but you can't expect a budget 2003 laptop to compare well to a desktop machines made in 2006, or even desktops made in 2003.


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      it actually has a intel P4 2.66 cpu


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        Yes sorry. You are correct. It came with a range of CPUs from a 2.0Ghz Cerleron to a 3Ghz P4. The HD was from 30GB to 60GB but only 4200 RPM.

        You might try checking the BIOS settings and that you have the latest MB driver, video card drivers + latest DirectX version.