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Is it possible to start CPU test from command line?

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  • Is it possible to start CPU test from command line?

    I have now PerformanceTest 8.0. I try to start single CPU test from command line. According to this thread "Command Line Parameters to launch specific tests", I know that
    • I can only run all the tests. Is there any update? Can I run single test from command line?
    • i can start test from command line: pt.exe <file_format> <result_file> <initialization_file> . But i can't find pt.exe and i got an information that this feature is inavailable for trial version if i run PerformanceTest.exe from command line .
    • If i work through GUI (Performance Test64.exe), can i assign a certain test process (e.g. PT-CPUTest64.exe), which is different to the GUI process, to a single CPU core during the whole test, without controlled by CPU scheduler?

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    That post you linked to getting a bit old now (12 years old in fact). There are lots more options available. Consult the help file included with the software for a full list of command line options (under the Help menu in the software).