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Dell R760 CPU baseline issue

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  • Dell R760 CPU baseline issue

    I can't seem to upload a valid baseline on a new Dell R760 server. It's being denied for a reason "Num CPU Processes - Tested: 32, Expected: 2091128]".

    It doesn't seem to matter if I set the number of processes at 32 or 64 (this server has two 8462Y+'s) or even 128 with hyperthreading. Is there something special I need to do to benchmark this device?

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    What version of PerformanceTest are you using?

    If you already using the latest V11 release, can you post the debug file or EMail it to us.

    If you are using an older release can you try V11.


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      We had incorrect values for the number of cores in the database leading to the 2091128 value. I've updated the entry to the correct numbers, but your baselines will still be excluded from the normal charts. For Dual (2x) Intel Xeon Platinum 8462Y+, the expected core count would be 128 test processes (2 CPUs x 32 Cores/CPU * 2 for Hyperthreading). If you can retest with 128 set, it should be accepted.