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    Just a question i have 2 xeon servers a dual xeon 2.2 and a dual xeon 3ghz

    they both bench in at under 600 on cpumark where i get 900+ for some of my athalon and core 2 duo machines is this correct?

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    Yes, the Xeon's are sold at a high price, but their performance doesn't always match the price. Also, comparing an old Xeon with a new Core 2 Duo isn't really fair.

    Xeon have other advantages however, like support for larger multiprocessor configurations and faster bus speeds.

    The new 3000-series "Conroe" and "Allendale" series Xeon chips should be faster however as they are based on the Core 2 Duo design.


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      thats cool just doing some comparisons as i used our xeon server a couple of years back to do some scientific work (took over 12 hours to process each job) and theyre looking at doing some more but at 3 times the resolution so just working out what will be the best bang per buck etc