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Just got a 2nd hand GPU and I have no clue what 3dmark result means

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  • Just got a 2nd hand GPU and I have no clue what 3dmark result means

    linked is 3dmark timespy result

    I just bought a sapphire nitro+ rx570 4gb, its an old card too, guy bought it in broke and maybe I shouldve gotten the rx580 instead, but this one is so cheap $43 n it comes with the box and all, I guess itll do

    I bought a used gpu as well before this, but was totally negligent, never tested that one, and kept using it for gaming even if the temp on full load goes crazy (almost 90C, and fan was spinning at full speed), that card lasted 7months b4 this time I thought Id properly check the card I bought..

    I only have a 3 day period to return it in case somethings not right..

    So 3dmark says my score is 'great', but the graphs kinda scared me..i mean i know nothing about PC, but those graphs has a bunch of what looks like..steep falls in it? sorry if i sound stupid..but it kinda worries me, so I decided to make a thread here, to be sure. Is it yknow normal? does everything look good?

    Ive checked all the ports, weird noises, fans are ok..temp are below 60C even on full load..but I only played with this for 2hrs.
    Now im just making sure the 3dmark result are a ok, then maybe ill run furmark for 10mins to see if theres artifacting..idk
    thanks a bunch for the help btw

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    3DMARK (the application) isn't our software. So we can't help you with it. You'll need to contact UL Solutions company for support.

    We develop PerformanceTest, which also does have a 3D benchmarking.