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Crash in DirectX 9 - Complex test. KERNELBASE.dll Exception e0434352 [Solved]

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  • Crash in DirectX 9 - Complex test. KERNELBASE.dll Exception e0434352 [Solved]

    We had this problem reported by a customer and thought we would document it here in case other people encounter the same problem in PerformanceTest V8.

    A crash was reported in the DirectX 9 - Complex test (and only that one test).
    Setup was Win10 with GeForce GTX770

    The crash produced a crash dump. Analysis of the crash dump showed the crash was in was actually in KERNELBASE.dll. Which is a Microsoft DLL. The Exception code was e0434352. A quick search on Google show many people with the same type of crash (using other software) and that the problem seems linked to DirectX GetDeviceRemovedReason DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG errors.

    Some people blamed factory overclocked card, and found that underclocking their video card slightly fixed the problem. But this didn't resolve this problem for this particular customer.

    Eventually it was found that customer previously had a AMD video card installed and running the "AMD Clean Uninstall Utility" amdcleanuputility.exe fixed the problem. Speculation is that the previously installed video drivers were interfering with the correct operation of the new nVidia card.