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Absurdly low 2D GUI Result was 161, no 4

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  • Absurdly low 2D GUI Result was 161, no 4

    I have an AMD 64 4200+ dual core processor on an ABIt AN8 mobo with SATA drives and 2GB RAM. Graphics card is a 512MB NVidia 7600GS.

    Recently performance has taken a bit hit so I compared my Passmark 6 results before the performance hit to those how. While many of them are down, the worst is the graphics 2D GUI result that has dropped from 161.8 to only 4.1.

    Anyone any ideas please

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    Fixed it and strange answer

    I've spend ages disabling applications and processes in task manager and I have at last found the answer.

    I installed a Ziff Davis Explorer add-on called "Title Bar Add Ons" that can make windows transparent etc. It was that which clobbered the performance. After uninstalling it, now my PC is back to normal.