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CPU Mark unusually low (Athlon x2 4800+)

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  • CPU Mark unusually low (Athlon x2 4800+)

    Sorry to add yet another low score post but this is eating away at me.

    All my other tests are running fine but my CPU Mark is 520. I've searched for all other baselines that use a 4800+ and all of them are showing a 900-1000 score.

    Are all these tests reporting too high or is my CPU performing too low? This is a freshly built and formatted PC and I am worried now that it's not performing up to spec. Btw, I shut down all non-critical processes while conducting the test and disabled internet.

    Can anyone comment at what it could possibly be? Am I looking at overclocked baseline results without knowing it? I made sure to match clock speeds in my comparisons.

    Heres my system:

    Athlon x2 4800+
    DFI LanParty nF4 ultra-d
    1gb OCZ Platinum RAM (200Mhz)
    ATi x1900 xtx
    OCZ GameXStream 600w PSU

    Not expecting a ton a tech support here, but anyones 2 cents will be greatly appreciated.


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    You didn't say which version of PerformanceTest you are using. The CPU mark score for a x2 4800+, should be between 900 - 1100 in Windows 32bit and 1200 - 1300 in Windows 64bit.

    It might be that you are using an older version of PerformanceTest that didn't detect the second CPU core. So check you have the latest version of PerformanceTest. You might also want to check the CPU utilization while the CPU test is running. It should be around 100%.

    You can also adjust the number of test processes (to match the number of CPU cores) from the PerformanceTest edit / preferences window.