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Pentium III/Celeron 533Mhz vs. Anthlon 4

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  • Pentium III/Celeron 533Mhz vs. Anthlon 4

    I can't find a baseline or anything in the search for a laptop I'm looking at getting with a 1.1 GHz Mobile AMD Athlon 4 processor On board 462pin CPGA mobile AMD® processor with PowerNow!™ technology and 256MB memory (

    Can anyone point me to a baseline, or give me a round % difference. I'm sure it's not too different, but the processor in my ECS a907 has a goofy processor and was dropped from sales two years ago and I have a busted screen that they wanted an arm and a leg to fix the LED on.

    Anything would help me at this point.

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    The 1.1Ghz Mobile AMD Athlon 4 CPU was never very popular and so there aren't many baselines available.

    There are some similar results available for slightly faster mobile AMD CPUs however.