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Does my score match my specs?

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  • Does my score match my specs?

    Hi all =)

    I got a score of 547 for the performance test, and my specs are:

    Gigabyte M57 SLi-S4 board
    AMD X2 3800+
    Dual 1gb (2x512) Geil Ultra DDR2 800
    Geforce 7900 GS 512mb
    WD 250gb Sata, 16mb cache
    Onboard sound until christmas :\

    Click here for details of the test

    I was wondering, is this an accurate representation of my PC? or is there anything in particular letting my score down?


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    People who have purchased the PerformanceTest software can download V6 baseline files from our database of more than 4000 benchmark results and easily compare their machine to other machines.

    Your CD result is low. You could probalby get a slightly higher overall result by using a different disc for the test. (CD Discs with larger files give higher results as there is less seeking between files)


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      Wouldn't a "generate test CD" option be a good idea? It would seem to me that unless everyone used the same CD, there would be no point i the CD performance tests.
      Windows XP x64 Pro, AMD FX-8350, Kuhler h2o 920 cooling, 16 GB sys mem, EVGA GeForce GTX 760 OC Driver 320.49 (7/01/2013) Rosewill Bronze 1000w PS


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        We sell standard test CD's and DVD's here.

        Plus we have a free utility, CD-Maker, to help make your own standard CD-R's

        But we can't force people to use them.