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  • Low Results?

    IBM Intellistation M Pro Daul Xeon 2.8ghz
    1024mb RAM, 112gb hard drive
    IBM MS-6508 mainboard, Nvidia GeForce 7800gs AGP
    Windows XP home edition sp2

    From what I can tell from your baseline downloads this score is considerably low compared to other computers with relatively similar specs. Ive been trying to play Oblivion and getting horrible fps no matter how far I turn the graphic settings down. Im not great with computer troubleshooting so maybe you could point me in the right direction

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    The result does seem just a little bit low. But nothing too drastic. This machine is a few years old now. It might be a problem with Oblivion itself. The game probably doesn't make full use of dual CPUs. You should also check that you have the latest video card device drivers.


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      I'm sure I have the latest video driver but I was doing some research and noticed that my machine has 8 slots for RAM and only 4 slots are occupied by 256mb RAM cards. With RIMM type cards shouldnt I have some CRIMMs filling the empty slots and could that be whats wrong?


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        My understanding is that if you have the now almost defunct RIMM's (Rambus Inline Memory Modules), then you should have empty RAM slots occupied with dummy 'Continuity' cards.

        It would surprise me that missing CRIMMs would cause a minor performance drop. I would think it much more likely that missing CRIMMs would result in the machine not booting or being unstable.


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          I really appreciate the reponses but I have one more question. Well to tell you the truth that first test was higher than the ones I have been seeing. Here is another test with no changes whatsoever to my pc. The results have been as low as 350. I just noticed that on the PC doctor the cache used sensor is constantly in the red at 95-100% but on occasion I can restart my computer and it will be in the green at 50-55% and the performance test shows a score around 450. Am I just making a big deal over nothing or am I maybe on to something?


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            Low results are easy to achieve. You just run some software in the background that uses the CPU and hard drive. Like PC doctor.