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Ridiculously slow 2d rectangles performance

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  • Ridiculously slow 2d rectangles performance

    We have a bunch of IBM ThinkCentre machines here at the office which seem to be performing extremely badly. Upon running Passmark PerformanceTest, the 2d Rectangles score is 3.0 - which seems very very low - even the Celeron test machine had a score of 18.1 and the other machines far far higher. Might this be an explanation for the very slow performance in general we are getting with these machines?

    They all have Matrox G450 graphics cards (32meg) with 2 monitors on each.


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    The G450 is an old graphic card. So low 2D and 3D results can be expected. But 3 is very very low. It might mean that you don't have the right device drivers loaded for the card or it might mean that this card doesn't do hardware acceleration across dual monitors and they fall back to doing certain operations in software rather than hardware. Some older cards are like that.

    The would contribute to the machine feeling slow but might not be the only reason.