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Direct3D component missing?

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  • Direct3D component missing?

    I had DirectX 8.0 on my old computer.

    None of three 3d-test ran.

    So, I installed DirectX 9.0c End-User Runtime (dated 1/07/2007) on Microsoft's website.

    When I start Perfromance Test V6.1, I still see the message saying that October 2006 revision of Direct 3D is required. So I press "OK" to proceed.

    The "Simple" 3-D test runs now, but not medium or complex 3-D test. The message I get is something like "Failed to create texture for the test."

    I'm running the program from the hard-disk in my computer.

    Is this due to the hardware limitation of my old computer or the installed version of DirectX?

    Where and how do I get a copy of the the October 2006 revision of Direct 3D without downloading the whole SDK or distribution package?

    My old computer has AMD Athlon 700 MHz, PC133 256M bytes, and 40G HDD, etc. The graphics card is ASUS AGP-V6800 (GeForce) 32Mb. The motherboard is ASUS K7V. The computer was built in the year 2000.

    I'd appreciate any comment. Thank you.
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    I don't think it is a DirectX problem. It is more likely to be a file permissions issue. What version of Windows is on the machine?


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      The OS is Windows 98.

      The OS is Windows 98, not SE but a version prior to 98 SE.


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        Do you have permission to copy a file into the root directory of the disk that PerformanceTest is installed on (eg. C:\)?



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          My computer is a stand-alone computer. I can do all file operations including creating folders in the root directory, C:\, manually, from Windows. I haven't tried in DOS.

          By the way, I don't see any folders/files whose names suggest Performance Test related files in the root directory. Should I see them in the root directly? I see a file named PerformanceTest in the directory, C:\Program Files\.

          By the way, I see a file named DXSETUP.exe in the PerformanceTest folder. I don't remember if I downloaded it myself into the folder from Should it be in the folder?
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            You should not see the temporary files - they are only in the root directory for a very short period (and should not actually be produced with V6.1, but I thought I would ask the question as this is the error you would receive with V6.0 of PerformanceTest if you did not have access to the root directory).

            The DXSETUP file is intentionally included with V6.1 of PerformanceTest as this installs the Direct3D DirectX October 2006 component that is requried by PerformanceTest V6.1.

            We will need to investigate further.

            For now you could use V6.0 of PerformanceTest:



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              Thank you for providing a link for v6.0. I'll install it.