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Help - Can't reset video display mode in safe mode

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  • Help - Can't reset video display mode in safe mode

    Windows 98

    I did for the 1st time the Performance test and was checking out the "Color" test. I clicked on Color and it starting running this test and the monitor went blank. There was no way to get back to the main program as the screen went offline so I had to reboot. I came up in safe mode and selected normal. The computer now tells me that I have no monitor adapter and my screen saver is 640 x 480, with black & white imaging and large icons. I cannot change the display as I cannot get to the accept change buttons at the bottom of the pop-up menu. What can I do?

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    There is no "color" test in PerformanceTest. Are you sure that you are talking about our software ?

    Anyway, we don't mind try to help. Monitors shut themselves down (with a black screen) if you set a resolution or refresh rate above their speciifications. Your video card might allow this if you don't have the correct monitor device driver installed. If you have the correct drivers, you can only change to supported resolutions.

    Once you have set an out of spec resolution / refresh rate you need to set it back to normal in Safe mode.

    If the window is too large to see on the screen and you can't see the accept button, try this.

    1/ Use the Tab key to move the 'focus' to the Accept button then use the return key.


    2/ Try using ALT-A on the keyboard

    Hope this helps