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Windows98/ME: Failed to create texture for 3D test

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  • Windows98/ME: Failed to create texture for 3D test

    It is possible that PerformanceTest V6.1 3D tests will not work on all Windows 98 and Windows ME systems. The "Medium" and "Complex" 3D tests (the tests with planes) can display the error message:
    Failed to create texture for 3D test

    For Vista support we had to move PerformanceTest V6.1 to a much later version of DirectX 9.0c, October 2006. PerformanceTest V6.0 uses an earlier version of DirectX9.0c. DirectX 9.0c October 2006 is the last version of DirectX to support W98/ME and DirectX libraries from December 2006 no longer support W98/ME. While we did successfully test on W98/ME, there does seem to be a problem with a number of configurations (that we were not aware of) and conclude that this is a problem with DirectX 9.0c October 2006 on W98/ME. We do not believe we are in a position to correct the problem for 98/ME as DirectX is a Microsoft product.

    We will officially drop support for W98/ME for the 3D tests due to this reason. The other tests work on Windows 98/ME.

    PerformanceTest 6.0.1013 is the version recommended for W98/ME, and is available from:

    Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

    Ian (PassMark)