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Measuring CD drive or DVD drive performance

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  • Measuring CD drive or DVD drive performance

    > George wrote
    > I can test an old clunker CD-ROM, and end up with
    > very good results. Then when I test a quality, more
    > expensive CD-ROM (such as, for example, a
    > Plextor 40x, 48x, etc.) then the results are really
    > poor. Any idea why this happens?

    The CD results are very dependant on the disc being used.
    We recommend either buying our discs (of course)
    or making a standard test disc with our CD-Maker utility

    Use the advanced CD test, with the RAW option over a long duration (at least a minute), then examine the graph to get the most interesting results. Some drives are slow to start and / or slow to reach their top speed. Also, make sure the drive is not already spinning when you start the tests to make it a fair test.