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Windows Restarts during Complex 3D

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  • Windows Restarts during Complex 3D

    For starters, my system:
    AMD 64 bit 4200+ Dual Core
    1.0 GB DDR 400 Ram
    ASUS A8V-VM SE Mobo
    Geforce 6600 LE 128MB Video Card

    I can run the tests individually, but when run all tests is used, my computer restarts during the complex 3D (even did it once during the moderate 3D.) To be clear, this isn't a blue screen of death problem, Windows just restarts on its own. Any ideas? As a little bit of history, when I first got the 4200+ I had to install the fix from Microsoft that corrected a blue screen of death (Access violation at 0x7c91084b (tried to write to 0x00040FFC). That fixed that. For the recent forced upgrade (PS took out my previous hardware, sans CPU,) I have all the updated drivers. Just can't seem to get the system to remain stable during the test. Thanks.


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    99% of problems involving system restarts are hardware faults or device diver bugs. You might want to check the Windows event log to see if there are any errors in there.

    I would then try swapping out some hardware to try an locate the problem. Starting with the video card, then RAM, then power supply.


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      Thanks for the reply. Turns out my mobo shipped with a bad SATA cable (which explained the phantom PCI I was also getting.) I went to the event viewer much sooner than I would have because of your advice. Everything works great, now.