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  • Suppress Directx check?

    Is it possible to suppress the directx check when Passmark 6.1 starts? We are running the tests on Longhorn server so we don't even have Directx installed nor have any need to run the 3d tests. I am using a .pts file to select which test we want to run and I have suppresswarnings set to ON but that doesn’t seem to work.


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    There are actually 2 warnings. One is suppressed with the setting you indicate, the other is suppressed by selecting Cancel to the following message in PT6.1.1001.0009 (latest on our website):

    Install the DirectX 9.0c Direct3D October 2006 component?

    PerformanceTest requires a DirectX 9.0c component from the October 2006 release of DirectX.
    This is required even if you have DirectX 10. This is required for the 3D tests.
    To install this component please select Yes.
    This may take a minute.
    Please note that this will not modify the current DirectX installation, but simply add additional DirectX functions.
    To ignore and not display this message in future, please select No.
    To ignore this message this time, please select Cancel.

    If you select cancel this setting will be saved in the LastUsed.cfg file in the User's personal folder, and you will not be prompted again. You can copy this file to other systems if required.

    Please note, that by selecting Yes to the above message, a DirectX file d3dx9_31.dll will just be copied to the Windows/system32 directory.

    In a future version of PerformanceTest, we will add a command line parameter to ignore the DirectX checks.

    At this stage we do not support Longhorn server.

    Ian (PassMark)


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      Hmm... okay then this must be a problem with Longhorn everytime passmark starts it asks to install directx. Okay thanks for the info it helps a lot.