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Problems with SATA Hard Drive

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  • Problems with SATA Hard Drive

    I BUILT IT!!!!!

    it's really fast, and everything works great, but i have a few questions

    First, i'm installing a Windows XP Pro... It doesn't have any SP, so i downloaded SP2 and installed it along with the motherboard drivers. When i was formatting the Hard Drive, it only saw 130 GB out of the 320.. And one of my friends told me that i might need a driver for the SATA hard drive, because the earlier version of Win XP pro might not have full support of it.. And in benchmarks, it sucks... it shows me bad results, which upsets me... everything is proportionally great, except for the hard drive.. anyways, if i DO need a driver, i could not find a place to download it from, so could someone give me a link for it? Please?

    The SATA even loses to my athlon's IDE hard drive... in disk mark, badly, as it should be the opposite..

    Otherwise, i have overclocked my CPU from 2.4Ghz to 3.15 GHz, and my passmark is around 1300, but i'll get it much higher when i fix my sata

    It's twise faster than my athlon 64 x2 4200+, therefore i'm happy, but the disk mark upsets me..

    I'll be waiting for anyone's advice very much!


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    I think you need XP service pack 1 to get 48 Bit logical block support. See this MS Article #303013.

    Windows XP SP1 includes 48-bit LBA support for ATAPI disk drives. With this support, you can use hard disks that are larger than the current 137 GB limit.

    I am not sure if this will effect the benchmark results.

    There is also some good background information here on disk sizes.


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      Thank you,

      So do i uninstall SP2 and then install SP1 and install SP2 again?

      Thank you in advance for your help,

      I'll be waiting