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  • Network or Scripted Install

    We are considering PerformanceTest to do benchmarking of a bunch of nodes in our data center (2000 Pro, 2000 Server, and 2003 Server).

    What we need, though, is a way to easily run this tool (or something similar) against multiple nodes at once without going to each box to install the app.

    Is there a network install for PerformanceTest or some deployment tool that will copy the app to the machine, install the tool, run all tests (silent run), then copy the results to a text file or similar?

    If not, is there a scripted install and scripted run all tests so I don't have to manually install and run the tool on each box?

    Hopefully my questions make sense. Let me know if you need more information to answer my questions.


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    Silent Install

    By the way, I already found the following about a silent install with an InnoSetup package, but I still get prompted for DirectX install and acceptance of the trial. I want to buy this product, but so far it seems like it will be a pain to use in mass quantity. Please advise. Thanks!

    In our experience, the /silent switch is usually sufficient for a basic unattended installation. But to be completely sure, we recommend /sp- /silent /norestart.
    Note that the /verysilent switch may reboot the machine without prompting, which is pretty much the worst of all possible worlds. So if you use /verysilent, be sure to use /norestart as well.


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      An option could be to install PerformanceTest on a USB stick. See Help -> Other information -> Running PerformanceTest from a CD or USB memory stick.

      You could then script a set of tests (V6.1 and above), where you could specify which tests you want to run (eg. you might not want to test the 2D/3D performance of your servers). See Help -> Other information -> Scripting.

      You could start PerformanceTest from a batch file with the scripting and ignore DirectX command line parameters to : /s <script file name> /i
      See Help -> Other information -> Command line parameters - Automation.

      If you want to run the 3D tests on your systems and you do not have DirectX installed, you would need to install DirectX on these systems. If you want to run the 3D tests and you DO have DirectX 9.0c, but do not have the October 2006 component need by PerformanceTest V6.1, then you could automate just the installation of this Microsoft DirectX file by running the program included in the PerformanceTest installation directory: DXSETUP.exe /silent.

      The licensing Welcome window will not be displayed if (1) you install PerformanceTest on the system and enter the license key, or (2) you specify a valid key the key.dat file as described in the section of the help file on running PerformanceTest from a CD or USB key drive.

      Ian (PassMark)