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PerformanceTest hangs during the disk test with NTFS patch

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  • PerformanceTest hangs during the disk test with NTFS patch

    PerformanceTest seems to be having in issue with the latest updates from microsoft relating to NTFS hangs when ever it try's to test the Disk it locks up and I am forced to termnate the PerformanceTest process however the system Passes the Burn-in Test Default 15 minutes with no problems and no errors It has done this everytime on my system and a friends I was wondering if anyone else is having this issue or if anyone knows of a way around it ......

    My system specs are

    P4 1.6
    Ram 1GB
    120GB seagate HD
    56X CDRW/DVD
    Windows 2000 Pro Service pack 4 fully patched and up to date.....

    it never did this before the NTFS update

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    We have not heard about this problem before. Do you think that the test has actually locked up or that it is just running very slowly? The two states will look more or less the same until the test finishes.

    If you do a CTRL-ALT-DEL to view task manager, is PerformanceTest still using some of the CPU and does it seem to be acessing the disk?

    The test should create a file called c:\~pttest.dat, can you see this file being created during the test? (Note that the file is deleted at the end of the test, so you need to be quick to see it)

    I assume that you have enough free disk space available. You should have a least a gig free nefore running the test.

    Do you have more information about the NTFS patch. Maybe a Microsoft Knowledge Base number ?