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Status Report do not display in Web app properly

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  • Status Report do not display in Web app properly

    If a status report naming convention starts with a numeric (e.g. 2007-4-14) the status report graph will not be displayed in Testlog WEB. You MUST rename the report with an starting Alpha character.

    This is not a major issue, but more of an hint of what to look for when your status reports are not being displayed.

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    This isn't expected behaviour, i can view reports that start with a number so it don't think it's the cause of the problem. Is the picture missing or does the web module crash or display an error?

    If it was crashing there is a new debug build of the module at,, it fixes a problem with the breadcrumb string that was causing a crash.


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      Status Report

      I use the same title formats for all reports, since Progress and Status reports are graphics I will discuss these only.

      My title format WAS "2007-01-31 @23.59 - Overall Progress Report" and "2007-01-31 @23.59 - Overall Status Report"

      Both Reports show up inside of TestLog (properly) but only the Progress Report shows up in the WEB edition, the Status Report is BLANK, no graphic, no graphic (x) icon. Just BLANK.

      If I change the naming convention to "Overall Status Report - 2007-05-18 @23.59" All is good in the world.

      So In turn No big deal to me, it just took a while to figure this out.

      Hope this helps.