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'save and edit next case' button?

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  • 'save and edit next case' button?

    When editing test cases in the web app, and performing a test pass, you have to save a test case, then open the next one for editing. Several people in my company who are now using the web app have requested a save and edit next test case button... I don't know how tricky this would be to wire up, but it would be a pretty big help. As of now, that's the biggest complaint... it takes too many clicks to get from one test case to another.

    It would also be nice to have prev/next buttons up in the breadcrumbs area, maybe next to print and edit listed in the actions. The test suite view, which has a list of the test cases, shows them in some logical order, so it would be pretty nice if we could use that order and jump directly from one test case to the next... maybe when you're on the last test case, grey out or just remove the next button, to indicate that there are no more test cases in that particular suite.

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    We'll keep the save & edit next button in mind for a future version. The next/previous button is likely a more feasible option, it shouldn't be too complex to implement so we'll look into it for the next release.