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Removing certain fields when creating Test Case Report.

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  • Removing certain fields when creating Test Case Report.

    The company that I work for requires detail reports for everything we do. The reports must contain data to support the findings.

    The way that I generate reports using your software goes like this: 1. Create a Test case report. 2. Go to file and select "export project to web". 3. Open the Html file and choose "edit with Microsoft word". 4. Now go through each page and remove the 'excess fat' like unused fields, headings, etc (this step is a major time consumption). 5. Insert any images, documents, etc that support your findings. 6. Print to pdf and add your title page, borders and anything else that makes it look acceptable for the executive heads. Now you are done.

    If I can remove fields on the front end so I will not have to go to each page and remove them on the back end would be ideal.

    Or if you have a better way for me to convert the information from your software to pdf, I am all ears, hands, mind, whatever. I am in.

    Thanks for your time and attention.
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    I just tested this, cuz we use a customized template, and when you export you can choose whatever templates you have in your c:\program files\testlog\templates directory. The best way (IMO) for you to get those reports without all the extra fields would be to create your own templates (copy an existing one so it's got all the info) then trim out the fields in the testcasereporttemplate.html file.


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      As stated above, editing the TestCaseReportTemplate file to remove the fields you don't want from the test cases
      should cut down the amount of manual editing you will need to do.