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  • HTML in CSV export

    I saw a question (way back) about exporting to Word and I was working my way arround this issue via Excel.
    I export to CSV. Import this in Excel. Use the Description & Result field in my Word document. However in the export to CSV I get HTML stuf in my fields. What do I have to do to get my export in 'normal' format?

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    Since version 3, formatting is stored using HTML style references, so exporting it will export the HTML formatting that has been added when items were edited/imported into TestLog. We'll keep in mind adding an option (similar to the option when importing to preserve plain text new lines) to remove some of the HTML when exporting.


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      Consequense of this storage decision however is that the table I included in my testdescription can only be read using the 'full screen' editing button while testing.