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    I have a few questions on reports.

    I created a progress report on a project with a planned start date of 19-06-2007 and a planned end date of 30-06-2007. I did the first testing on the 21 of june and ran the report on the 22nd.
    On the report I have a horizontal line from the 22nd till the planned end date of the project (30-06-2007). In my opinion this is not correct. The lines should end on the 22nd because the rest is in the future and therefore unknown.

    When I view the report in the stand-alone version the heading reads:
    Progress report – 2007-06-22-1
    Project: OMM
    Date: 22-Jun-2007 13:27:52

    When viewing this report via the web interface the heading reads:
    Progress report – 2007-06-22-1
    Date:ct: 22-Jun-2007 Progress

    It appears to ‘merge’ the third line over the second one. I lose the time but get ‘Progress’ instead.

    The heading of the Status Report reads a little different:
    Status report - 2007-06-22-1
    Date:ct: 22-Jun-2007 13:27:52

    When printing a Project Test Suite (in landscape) I get 14 milimeters of blank space on the left and the right hand side of the print. However the heading of my collumns stops with the word 'Requiren' instead of 'Requirements'. I also lose the lower half of the last line on the page because I get 5 milimeters of blank space on the bottom.

    Could you possibly print the reports with some space on the left hand side so I don’t have to make my holes through the data?
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    1. The progress report creates the report based on the dates in the project for start/finish regardless of the current date. In the next major release this will probably be looked at to allow a date ranged to be specified when creating the report or at the minimum generating the report to the current date if it before the finish date.

    2 & 3. It looks like when the image is being created there is a problem caused by not knowing which project the report is for (due to the web module creating the image). This will be fixed in the next release.

    4 & 5. We have changed the margins to be smaller but there is simply too much information to be printed to fit onto one page. Removing some unnecessary columns by right clicking on the list header or dragging the columns shorter may be required. I take it you mean a bigger left hand side margin for the status + progress reports? If so we'll look at adding a margin to them.