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Actual Finish date must be activated?

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  • Actual Finish date must be activated?

    After creation of a Project with a planned start / finish date I want to enter the actual start date. At that moment I don't know the actual finish date so I don't want to enter anything (similar to the user guide on page 14).
    Unfortunatly I get the following error message: "Actual Finish has been set to a date before the Actual Start date! Please set it to a date later than the Actual Start." The only way to get passed this message is to enter a Actual Finish date in the future AND to tick the box in front of it.

    I don't get an error message when I check the box of the 'Actual Finish' without checking the box of the 'Actual Start'?
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    These dates are used when generating the progress report, so they need to be a entered, as long as the planned finish date is set to a date that is later than the planned/actual start date (and the actual finish date isn't checked) you shouldn't see this message.


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      Changing dates by TestLog?

      I have the following dates:

      Planned Start 19/06/2007
      Planned Finish 30/06/2007
      Actual Start 11/07/2007

      So in my case the Planned Finish date is not later than the actual start. In my opinion this is not what you want but I can imagine it could happen and you should be able to enter this without error-messages.

      Furthermore.... if I set the Actual Finish date to 28/07/2007 and I don't check any of the 'actual' boxes and 'OK' my changes I see on the screen N/A for both actual dates. However if I re-open my project the Actual Finish is made equal to the Actual Start date (11/07/2007)?


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        Due to the way the progress report collates the data for the report these are the date ranges that are used, so if the finish date is earlier than the start it will have a negative date range, which wouldn't generate a report. This may change in a future version but this is the way it currently is.

        This is the default behaviour for the Windows date/time control, not checking the box means the date is not saved and next time the dialog is opened the control is set to the current date/time.