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  • Issues/Features We would love to see implemented

    Would you please evaluate these requests and give everyone the status of each issue.
    In addition if everyone knew the product plan for TestLog, perhaps we could cut down on some of these blogs.

    All help is needed and appreciated,
    Thanks Thom

    1. TestLog desperately needs an undo function....especially for Moves/Deletes. This has cause countless hours of cut/paste or just plain re-write the Test case

    2. Please fix the problem where all test cases are set to Pass when a project is created (1010).

    3. Don't prompt for "Save" if a test case is closed without any changes using the "cancel" button. There's simply no reason for it.

    4. We need the ability to put multiple URL links in the "External Description Link" field of a test case.

    5. When working on a test case (whether in admin mode or using it from the web), the app should default to the name of the tester that is currently logged in (using windows login id). It's quite a pain to have to browse through all of the tester names in every single test performed to enter that of the current tester when we could instead default to the name of the current tester's login name.

    6. Would like to be able to attach a file to a test case. Yes, we can create links to them but as in the above request #4, we can provide only ONE link.

    7. Would like the ability to set a default build number for all test cases within a created project. Our testing is done by build number so we have no need for a user to select a build number. Our having to select a build and version number for every single test case is redundant as hell and time consuming when there are literally hundreds of test cases.

  • #2
    2. This is something that can be fixed by opening the customise fields dialog from the settings menu, going to the customise status tab and making sure that not yet attempted or a customised equivalent is the first item in the list.

    3. If no changes have been made this will not be displayed, however if a test case is missing a field for some reason then it you will be prompted to save even if no apparent changes have been made as the missing field will be added and needs to be saved.

    7. You can already do this for a database, in the customise fields dialog under the settings menu go to the default values tab and you can select a default build and version to use from the list of defined builds/versions.

    We'll add the rest to the list of requested features, in particular;

    1. This is something we will probably be looking at for the next major release due to it technical nature to implement. It's likely we'll add trash can / recycle bin style folder where deleted files will be kept until TestLog is exited.

    5. This is being looked at for the web module in the next release, so the logged in tester is added to the appropriate fields when an edit is made.