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    I evaluate your Product besides it's very handy and fast but now i've got a question regarding the import functionality.

    Is it possible to import Data form a 3rd Party vendor?
    We've got some TestCases build as Tasks in Outlook and some that were hacked in TestLink.
    We'd like to import these Cases into your TCMT.
    The problem is that ervery Tool uses different Field-Tables so my questions are:
    1. How could we join the corosponding Fields
    2. Is it possible to generate a simple XML file and rename it in *.tlg for the import.
    3. I'd be grateful if you plan to build an automated merge Tool.
    Thanks for the hopefully quick reply.

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    You can import Test Cases and Project Test Cases in CSV format, which is outlined in the help guide. The import format expects fields to be in a certain order and format, so you would need to convert your current external test cases to the expected CSV format.

    Alternatively you can look at the structure of a .tlg file and create a script that will retrieve the relevant data from the external sources and create .tlg files as necessary.