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List View - Add columns back?

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  • List View - Add columns back?


    I downloaded TestLog V3.0 and did not register it so far. I was playing around with it and created test suits (about 3 sublevels) and added test cases in there. I removed some columns in the list view (right mouse click) and now I cannot add them back altthough I get the list of the displayed columns. Is this a known bug, or is it related to the not registered Version?


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    If you right click on a column header you should see a list of all columns, including any hidden ones and selecting a hidden one should redisplay it.

    So far i haven't been able to reproduce it at all. Is this just in the test cases view? Is it just a certain column or once any of them have been removed you can't redisplay them?

    It won't be related to using the trail copy at all, the only restriction is the 90 day evaluation period.


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      Thanks for your reply!
      I guess it is a bug then. I had TestLog V3.0 continously open for about 4 days (only logging the screen) and I could not add the columns back in the List View of the Project Test Cases. After restarting TestLog I could add the columns back.


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        It sounds like it could have been caused by a small resource leak that added up over the days, we'll look into if that was case.