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attach files in the result /remarks

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  • attach files in the result /remarks

    Is there a easy way to attach files (zip,rar,excel,word) under result or remarks column?
    And user can view it also at the Html report

    We got alots of data, reports comes with different extension.

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    Only if they are accessible on a sever and linked to using file:// links otherwise once the project is moved or exported they will be unavailable as they were local links.


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      ok, now i move all databese to server, point to server link.
      but the image couldn't be displayed when using web version


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        Images on a sever available to a LAN won't be able to be served across the net by a web server, or accessed as the various security levels of browsers and web servers will also generally block access to files.

        To display images in the standalone and web versions and all reports the only portable way of doing it is storing the images on a web server and linking to images in the form <img src=http://servername/imagename>. This ensures the web server is serving the images, and the standalone version and reports can access the served images via the web.