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UNC Path with TestLog

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  • UNC Path with TestLog

    Firstly i have been able to get the TestLog web to work with everything setup Locally.


    I can not seem to be able to get TestLog Web to work with UNC Path.

    Setup i took.
    • Create Directory for IIS 6 Virtual Directory
    • Copy cgi, cfg, images, help and templates to this directory
    • create domain user TestLog
    • add Domain\TestLog user to the IIS_WPG Group
    • Create Virtual Directory
    • Create Application Pool App_TestLog set the identity to Domain\testlog
    • on Virtual Directory Set Application Pool to App_TestLog
    When i go to browse the site i am getting
    HTTP Error 403 - Forbidden: Access is denied

    or i have even seen Sevice Unavaliable when i tried this on another machine.

    Any Help would be appreciated.


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    Maybe the user running IIS doesn't have access to that UNC location?


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      I have provided the access on the Database directory to the UNC Path.


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        If you open the TestLog website properties through IIS manager, click on the directory security tab, and click the edit button for authentication and access control you should see the Anonymous access option. Check this box and enter the user name and password for the user you created earlier. The computer the UNC path points to needs the same username/password set an allow that user for both sharing and security permission settings.

        Can you access the database now? If you switch the TestLog website back to the Default Application Pool can you access it?