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Database access not possible using VPN

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  • Database access not possible using VPN

    I have my test log data base at our company's server and occasionally I work from home connecting to our intranet and servers unsing VPN Client. TestLog, which is installed on my laptop, becomes not responsive when I try to open a TestLog database that is on a company's server while VPN is running. Any other situations (databases on the network, server, disc) work fine.

    Could you possibly fix this, please?

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    How big is the database you are opening? Is it just very slow to open or locking up completely? If you can run it in debug mode )explained in the help file) and send us the log that is created it may help track down any problems.


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      My database has about 1300 test cases (~2.5MB). The internet connection I was using does 1,5 Mb/s, which should have loaded the database after ~20sec. After 2 min of white screen and (Not Responding) in the title bar, I killed TestLog.
      I will try the debug mode as soon as I will be working with VPN again.


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        I checked the TestLog data base access using VPN while runing in debug mode. Since we updated our protection to Symantec Endpoint Protection V11 recently and I also installed Build 1017, I cannot reproduce the problem. Everything works fine now. I can access the data base, updates of the data base are correlated with the connection speed. I guess my previous error was caused by our old fire wall(?).
        Anyway, no worries anymore.


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          Ok, thanks for getting back to us, happy new year!