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  • Database edited by a newer build

    I have a single TestLog database and about 20 users. Occasionally when I open the database I get the message about the database has been edited by a newer build (say 101. But yet another user may be able to open the database sucessfully using 1017. Why?

    I try to minimize this by asking the users that they get the build from my server instead of going to the Passmark site but I can't enforce that.

    So my questions are:
    Under what circumstances does the 'database has been updated by a newer build' message appear?

    Is there a way to modify the database so it can be accessed by the old build?

    I'd rather not have to make the 19 users upgrade to a newer build just because one user decides to do it.


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    Once a database is edited by a new build it will deny opening the database to users with older versions to maintain consistency of the database (eg so previous bugs are not reintroduced or new fields added then deleted).

    If you want the database to be opened again by an older version you can copy the .tdb file from a database that can be opened in the target version (or create a new empty database with it) and copy it over the existing .tdb file.

    Builds from 1018 onwards will display a warning but still allow a newer database to opened (but not recommended).


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      Thanks Tim