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  • Duplicate Test Cases

    I have been creating new test cases by using the duplicate test case feature. Everything was working great. I don't know if I changed a feature/option but the ability to use the function stopped working. Now when I go to create duplicate test case nothing happens.

    And then I created a new project/database for something else that I am working on and duplicate works again.

    If I return to my original project/database it no longer works.

    Did I change something that I am not aware of that duplication no longer working?


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    The only real option that effects the behaviour of duplicate is the option,

    Incremental Ids on Duplicate: If this option is selected, TestLog will attempt to generate an incremental name when a selected item is duplicated. For example, if a test case named “Test0001” is selected and the duplicate option is chosen and then duplicated, the duplicated test case will be named “Test0002”.

    Do you have this option on or off?

    Maybe the problem is elsewhere. What version of Testlog are you using? How deep in the tree is this test case and what is the full path on the disk to the test case? What is the name of the test case you are trying to duplicate?

    Maybe there is a problem with the length of the file path. Or maybe there is some funny characters in the name.