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  • TestLog Editor

    Hi Folks,
    Is there any word of another editor or the ability to integrate a new editor.
    I like the Testlog concept but editing Test Cases etc.. can be painful.


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    You can import CSV files. Which means you can use any applications from which you can get a CSV file from. E.g. Excel.

    What do you find "painful" with the current editor?


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      I like the editor, for what it's worth. But I did find a small problem, and the title of this thread suggests that this is as good a place as any to state the problem.

      When I create or edit a test case, the test case dialog box is a modal window. When I click on one of the ellipsis buttons (...) to open up the rich editor, the editor appears to be a modal window as well. Here's where the problem is: If I click outside the editor, it goes in the background. I would expect it to remain in the foreground and make a sound, as a real modal window would do.


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        The editor is actually a separate executable that TestLog will launch when the button is clicked, so it's behaviour isn't quite like a normal modal window. As such we are limited to emulating the behaviour of such a window so it won't match the exact behaviour.


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          Eh, not a big deal anyway. Hey, I'm QA, I get paid to find fault with things.


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            Sorry for the delay in replying
            Here is my two pence on the editor...

            It would be nice when you are creating/modifying a series of test suites which have multiple testcases, to simply click on the left hand tree, select new test cases -- which opens in right panel -- and simply click and type. (instead of opening the edit window - then select the area of interest and then opening that window -- before typing all detail required) It just simplifies the whole process. And editing a test case would be so hassle free.

            For example like the editor that I am typing in now to respond to the forum, I can set font, colours, intendation all in this window without opening additional windows.

            This would also allow you to see what you are typing and not have to save before seeing the final product.

            There are editors out there that can be implemented into wiki's to allow direct editing. My question was is this possible with Test Log.

            Also on a similar note. It would be nice to drive all functions from the main gui without having to open panels.